What we bring to the table.

Creative Process

Website content / Copy

Web content service

Content is information that lives on the web and gets consumed on the web. It’s virtually everything that you see from a day-to-day basis while browsing the internet. SM Content Creation offers a wide variety of content writing services from blogs, business websites, personal pages, and more. Basic web content is the information you want to put out there to engage your readers or potential customers, and something you should want done right. You should strive to yank the eyeballs of anyone who happens to be passing through, eventually grabbing their attention and keeping them coming back for more. If you’re a small business you can dramatically increase your sales by providing a well-written website with the perfect amount of information. Offering you the best content we can provide, as well as competitive rates, you can rest easy that you’re getting something worthwhile, and engaging without breaking your bank.

Copywriting service

Yes, there is a difference between content and copy. Copy is pretty much content’s cousin; it's still text on a website, except it's designed to sell something for your service or business. When someone runs into copy while browsing the internet, they immediately know that they are reading something specifically created to sell them a product or service. A good copywriting service should always follow these three steps while creating the right copy for your business.

Our copywriting service would be for you if your business aimed to sell something via your website. Whether it's a small product or large service, we can write your 100% original and engaging copy for your website or blog.


So you tried the unthinkable and wrote the web content for your personal page or business site. Maybe you thought you could have nailed it, but instead laid an egg on the traffic meter, and finding your website standing alone in the emptiness of cyberspace. What if you hired a freelance content writer who didn’t quite do it for you? Your word count is there, but the keywords are too close together or too far apart. Maybe the content itself is shabby, lackluster, or completely off the topic of which you are trying to put out there. (You’d be surprised how little some content writing services actually research their topics.)

Don't Freak Out

SM Content Creation offers revisions to your existing website content as well as SEO content and keyword maintenance. We can hack, slash, cut, splice, and construct something extremely workable for you and ready to be displayed on your website in no time. The perfect content should always be fresh and unique, and you need to grab a hold of the reader’s attention as well.


Even though blogs typically fall under the “web content” category, we feel like it's important to stress how crucial it is to find the right content writing company when considering posting your next one. Sure, you’ve created the perfect blog, and you love writing about your trips on the subway or experiences at a local fast food restaurants, but more people than you know need blogs posted on a daily basis, (sometimes multiple blogs a day) and simply don’t have the time to write them. A lot of the time a business wants to maintain an ongoing blog page to keep customers and potential customers coming back to their site.

Whatever the reason, SM Content Creation has you covered.

Website Design / Development

In the simplest terms; every business needs a website. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or service, or even if you have an important message that the world just needs to hear, it’s pivotal that you have a well-designed and well-ran website. If you have a fully customized, beautifully amazing website with the SEO content that you need to pull in a limitless amount of traffic, you can guarantee a huge increase of clientele as well as a dramatic boost in sales. With SM Content Creation’s web design service you can treat yourself to the luxury of a professionally made and expertly ran website at extremely competitive rates.

Web Design Analysis

So you have an idea, product, or service, and all you need now is the window to showcase yourself to the rest of the world. You need a web design company with a great eye for detail and unmeasured passion and creativity, to give you the perfect template for reaching out into cyberspace and getting noticed. Let’s be honest, that’s what ultimately matters.

Get noticed and contact SM content creation now to get the complete package of website hosting, design, SEO content, and a significant boost in search engine ranking as well as FREE organic traffic. Call or email now to find out how you can get a free website with the purchase of an SEO package.

Product Descriptions

You have your website built perfectly, with just the right color scheme, and your products are all well-photographed and perfectly placed within the four walls of your company’s pages. You know how amazing your product is. You know people will absolutely love what you have to offer. Now if only you knew how to promote your product with web content that really captures the greatness of what you’re selling, in words you yourself may have a hard time putting down on paper (so to speak).

Let SM Content Creation write you detailed and unique product descriptions that are sure to grab the attention of the reader and help turn potential customers into repeat customers. If you rock at web content writing but simply don’t have the time to do it, that’s perfectly fine. Let us worry about that for you, so your busy schedule doesn’t miss a beat.

Marketing Strategies

Everyone wants to be heard. Even if you run a small blog website, you want people to notice you and you want that traffic to pour in. Use a content writing company you can trust to keep readers engaged and ultimately, driving that all-important organic traffic to your site. Need some ideas or creative solutions to expanding your business? We are here to help. We want to provide a website development and content writing service that helps your voice get heard.

Call or email SM Content now, to discuss creative strategies for engaging your target audience through your blogs, website, or social media. Get noticed and get yourself out there.

Social Media Content

Social media has become just as essential to a business nowadays as hot fudge on an ice cream sundae, which is why this web content service provides social media content you can be proud of. Facebook is literally everywhere, so why not beef up the content of your posts and really drive the “likes” up. Get others to share your posts and grab more attention to your site or what you have to say. Whether you’re a small business, advocate group, band, or some guy named Brian; SM Content Creation will make sure you’re getting the attention you deserve.